The objectives are based on Scouting’s Purpose: ‘Scouting exists to
actively engage and support young people in their personal development,
empowering them to make a positive contribution to society’.

Personal development in this context is about meeting the needs of young
people in terms of holistic self development. Scouting addresses many
needs of young people including: having fun, building and maintaining
relationships, personal development, self-respect, discernment and
empowerment. Personal development includes social, physical, intellectual,
emotional and spiritual development.

The programme objectives are broken down into these five areas of personal
development. Detailed objectives relate more specifically to the needs of
young people.

Physical - There are two objectives in this area of development – health and fitness – which include the impact of diet, illness and exercise, as well as how to take action in an emergency.

Intellectual - There are three objectives in this area – learning skills, creativity and judgement. These are about young people developing skills and talents, expressing themselves creatively, problem solving and making choices.

Emotional - There are two objectives in this area – self-identity and emotional expression. Young people in Scouting explore their own identity and personality, learn how to deal with and express their emotions, and learn to respond to others’ emotions.

Social - There are three objectives in this area – relationships, teamwork and community – all of which are about how we live and work with others as part of our local, national and international community.

Spiritual - There is one objective in this area, which focuses on exploring faiths, beliefs and attitudes that are meaningful to young people individually, and to others around them.

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